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An Canada Goose Jackets attorney representing Yanez said he

Family of Philando Castile Calls for Federal Investigation

Philando Castile Photo courtesy of Facebook The family of a buy canada goose jacket cheap Black man fatally shot by suburban Minneapolis police is calling for a federal investigation into his death, New York Daily News reports. An attorney for Philando canada goose clearance sale Castile’s family asked the Justice Department to launch an independent investigation in the 32-year-old’s death that was streamed via Facebook canada goose clearance Live.In buy canada goose jacket the letter dated Aug. 2, Attorney Glenda Hatchett tells U.S. Attorney General Canada Goose Parka Loretta Lynch that “we do Canada Goose Coats On Sale not believe that local law enforcement authorities will provide a fair and impartial review.”The family also believes criminal charges should be filed and that Castile was racially profiled.A spokesman for the Justice Department was working Thursday to confirm that the agency received the letter, according to the Daily News. A spokeswoman for Minnesota U.S. Attorney Andy Luger Canada Goose Online confirmed Thursday that his canadian goose jacket office had received the letter, but did not provide additional comments.Castile, who worked at an elementary school cafeteria, was shot during a traffic stop by St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez. Castile informed the officer he had a gun and permit to carry it.Castile’s girlfriend said she and Castile were told they were pulled over for a broken tail light. Canada canada goose outlet Goose Outlet She said Castile was canada goose replica reaching for his wallet when he was shot.In Canada Goose sale the video, Castile can be seen slumped over next canada goose deals to her in the driver’s seat, with his shirt soaked with https://www.jacketstock.com blood. An Canada Goose Jackets attorney representing Yanez said he was reacting to the presence of a gun, and that he thought Castile looked like “a possible match” for a suspect in a recent armed robbery canada goose store nearby.“Officer Yanez’s excessive use of force and fatal shooting of Mr. Castile was unjustified and warrants criminal prosecution,” Hatchett wrote.A spokeswoman for the agency declined to confirm the detail about the tail light, saying she couldn’t discuss specifics while canada goose coats on sale the cheap Canada Goose investigation canada goose is ongoing.Shortly after the July 6 shooting, the canada goose coats Justice Department said canada goose black friday sale it was monitoring the investigation and would provide assistance as needed. Castile’s death is currently being Canada Goose online investigated by the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.Check back for updates.

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