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Don Dizon, a gynecologic oncologist from Massachusetts General

Sex problems common with breast cancer drugs

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Women treated with hormone blocking drugs to stave off breast uk canada goose cancer recurrences are often dissatisfied with their sex lives, a new study from Sweden has found.

More than half of older women treated with so called aromatase inhibitors said sex was almost always painful and they frequently Canada Goose Online had lubrication, researchers reported in the journal Menopause.

suspected that Canada Goose sale the aromatase cheap canada goose uk inhibitors would be more likely to cause sexual buy canada goose jacket dysfunction for quite a while, said Dr. Don Dizon, a gynecologic oncologist from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston who has studied sexual health in cancer survivors.

Those drugs, he said, block women bodies from producing estrogen. Tamoxifen, on the other hand, just stops the hormone from acting on cells in the breast. Both can be Canada Goose Coats On Sale prescribed to women with hormone receptor positive breast cancer, the most common type.

Dizon said it stands to reason that canada goose clearance without any estrogen production, women could see their sex lives suffer. But most don mention those problems canada goose clearance sale to their doctors, and buy canada goose jacket cheap many oncologists feel uncomfortable Canada Goose online discussing sexual health, he canada goose coats told Reuters Health.

For the new study, researchers surveyed 82 women who had breast cancer and were taking aromatase inhibitors or tamoxifen to goosesale prevent the cancer from coming back. The women Canada Goose Parka were all between 55 and 70 years old, and had been Canada Goose Jackets diagnosed canada goose black friday sale two to six years earlier.

Dr. Juliane Baumgart of Orebro University Hospital and colleagues compared those women responses to sexual health surveys from 102 women of the same age who hadn had breast cancer.

Most women in both the canadian goose jacket cancer and non cancer groups said they were sexually active.

Among those having sex, 74 percent of women taking aromatase inhibitors said they always or Canada Goose Outlet almost always had trouble with lubrication, compared to 40 to canada goose coats on sale 42 percent of women who hadn had breast cancer or those who were treated with tamoxifen.

Painful sex was reported by canada goose uk outlet 57 percent of cheap Canada Goose Jackets sexually active women on aromatase inhibitors, compared to 31 percent on tamoxifen and 21 percent or less in the comparison group.

There canada goose uk shop was not a substantial difference across groups cheap Canada Goose in how many women canada goose store reported trouble reaching orgasm, but more women taking aromatase inhibitors said they were generally dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Oncologists at the very least should be ready to point women to resources where canada goose factory sale they can get help for sexual problems, according to Dizon.

He tells uk canada goose outlet patients that using vaginal moisturizers and canada goose uk black friday water or silicone based lubricants may help alleviate pain during sex. In addition, Dizon said he emphasizes the importance of intimacy in relationships.

women get treated for cancer we need to think about the toxicities and the long term side effects, and sexual canada goose health is one of those areas that is really important, he said.

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