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It is sometimes found in Latin American and canada goose uk

Yam and Sweet Potato Nutritional Comparison

Are these yams or sweet potatoes? Most people in the United States and Canada don’t know that yams and sweet potatoes are two different vegetables. buy canada goose jacket cheap Most people believe that yams and canada goose coats on sale sweet canada-gooseoutlets potatoes are one and the canadian goose jacket same. Why? Because most of us have never really seen nor eaten a yam. The true „yam.” The true yam is not marketed or grown widely in the United States and Canada. It is sometimes found in Latin American and canada goose uk outlet Asian markets. The true yam is native canada goose store to Latin America, Africa and Asia.

So why are yams called sweet potatoes? Well, this was done Canada Goose Parka to prevent confusion. Really! It was done in good faith, so to speak. When the moist fleshed orange coloured sweet potato was introduced into the United States in the mid 20th century, producers wanted to distinguish it from the white fleshed sweet potato that most people were used to. They adopted the word „yam” from”nyami”, the African word for the root of the Canada Goose Online Dioscoreae genus of plants. uk canada goose outlet And this canada goose crossed the border to Canada and Canadians also started calling this moist fleshed oranged coloured sweet potatoes as yams. Department of Agriculture new label requirement requires labeling the moist fleshed, orange colored sweet potatoes Canada Goose sale that are labeled as „yams” also be accompanied by the label „sweet potato.” This confused people all the more. So, the proverbial question Are these yams or sweet potatoes? still exists.

So let’s compare yams and sweet potatoes, shall we?

Sweet Potatoes contain more Vitamin A, than yams.

Vitamin A is known to fight cancer, builds our immune system, and is considered critical in maintaining proper eye health.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with massive amounts of Canada Goose online vitamin A, a nutrient considered critical in maintaining proper eye health. In fact, Canada Goose Outlet one sweet potato contains nearly eight times an adult’s daily need of this important vitamin, canada goose clearance sale and, because vitamin A is fat soluble rather than water soluble, canada goose uk black friday the body can store canada goose factory sale it for later use.

Yams contain vitamin A but in significantly less amount than sweet potatoes (yam 122 IU, sweet potato 19217 IU).

So, when it comes to vitamin A, sweet potatoes are better than yams.

Calcium, Iron, Vitamin E, and Protein

Sweet potatoes contain significantly higher cheap canada goose uk amounts of calcium, iron, cheap Canada Goose and vitamin E, and twice as much protein per serving, than buy canada goose jacket yams.

Sweet potatoes also contain several other canada goose black friday sale vitamins and minerals in amounts not found in the yams.

Although yams also contain calcium, iron, vitamin E, protein, several other vitamins and minerals, they are in lesser amounts per serving, than sweet potatoes.

So, when it comes to calcium, uk canada goose iron, vitamin canada goose uk shop E and protein contents, sweet potatoes are better than yams.

Sweet potatoes contain less omega 3, and more omega 6 fatty acids, than yams.

Omega 3 fatty acids have received significant news coverage in recent times owing to their ability to do everything from prevent heart disease to increase brain stamina.

Omega 6 fatty acids are known to inhibit the body’s ability to make use of the omega 3′s.

Although both the yam and the sweet potato are low fat foods, the ratio of essential fatty acids is preferable in the yam.

Sweet potatoes contain less omega 3 fats than yams, and have nearly twice as much omega 6 fats.

So, when it comes to fatty acids, yams are better than sweet potatoes. Rose canada goose coats 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Hiya Canada Goose Coats On Sale James, thanks for dropping by. You’re kidding me, aren’t you? lol just checking. Yams are not sweet potatoes but what we know as yams are really sweet potatoes which Canada Goose Jackets are better for us. I’m glad you found my yams and sweet potatoes hub informative. You’re welcome. my pleasure.

Have a nice day,James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

This is fascinating. I thought yams and sweet canada goose clearance potatoes were the same thing. I thought yams were the finsihed product, with the sweetener and all added in. Thank you for educating me about canada goose outlet this. Rose 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada.

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