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„It’s piles of rubble, it’s piles of just char and debris,

McMahon suffered a concussion during the spot where Angle was supposed to belly to belly suplex McMahon through a panel of breakaway glass. It was the spot of the match, the holy shit moment fans paid for, only it didn go according to plan, which, in a perverse train wreck kind of way always makes for an even greater holy shit moment in pro wrestling. McMahon bounced off the glass smashing his head onto the concrete floor.

cheap jerseys I said if you’re not political, you’re not paying attention, which is a whole other matter. If you really like to think you have principles, it shouldn’t matter what side of the politics spectrum you fall on, you should be angry at the flagrantly ridiculous shit going on. I mean, is it crazy to think a president shouldn’t be spending all of his time at the businesses he personally owns and profits from, while forcing the secret service to rent space there, just funneling tax payer dollars into his own pocket? Or am I just some dumb libcuck for thinking that’s some bullshit?prospectre 133 points submitted 26 days agoI don think Trump is as dumb as Reddit would have you believe. cheap jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Christie said.”It’s piles of rubble, it’s piles of just char and debris, caved in buildings with no walls and no roofs,” said Brian Gabriel, chief fire coordinator for Ocean County. „It just looks like a bomb went off.”WCBS TV reported that witnesses said they saw electrical wires under the custard stand catch fire. The fire then burned through the stand and spread, the witnesses told WCBS TV.Seaside Heights was the setting of MTV’s reality show „Jersey Shore” and more recently became famous as the site of one of the most memorable images of Sandy: a roller coaster that fell into the Atlantic Ocean, where it stood, partially submerged by the waves.Britain’s Prince Harry also was drawn to the Seaside Heights boardwalk in the spring to cheer its rebuilding after Sandy.Both communities were hardhit by Sandy, and it cost $3 million to rebuild the Seaside Heights boardwalk and $600,000 to rebuild the Seaside Park boardwalk, both using FEMA dollars wholesale nfl jerseys, said Seaside Park Borough Councilwoman Nancy Koury.The blaze destroyed businesses over a total of six blocks in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights and damaged a historic carousel that had survived Sandy, officials said.Gawking at the fire damage was Pat Burneyko cheap nfl jerseys, 63, who drove from her home in Kearney, New Jersey, about an hour away, to see what happened to the summertime resort she has been coming to since the 1950s.”It’s bad. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

Cheap Jerseys free shipping I did them because I enjoyed them. Some of them just turned out to be useful and others became side businesses. So I got a little more out of them than just enjoying them. 2 points submitted 3 years agoNot a judgement on your preference, but I always been curious what the appeal of the quad cab short box? At that point it seems like you don really need a truck. And are you dead set against not learning to drive a manual? If you can afford a brand new vehicle why not buy something a year or two old with the options you looking for?The only reason I be interested in the new Colorado is for the 6spd diesel. If toyota sold their hilux diesel in the US, I have bought one years ago.mlbdenver 2 points submitted 3 years agoYou already said it, but it going to be difficult to find a trail in CO that doesn have some incline/decline to it. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

wholesale nfl jerseys from china Funny thing happened, I was working and someone from the last table I waited called me. He I from the big table in the back and was just calling to see if you like to go to the movies with me. I actually didn say anything for a while in hopes he might hang up, but no such luck. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys china The Earth Defense Force series I bought EDF2017 for like $5 in a bargain bin the same day my roommate brought home Mass Effect. We never got further than a half hour into Mass Effect because Earth Defense Force coop was so addicting. It was like living out a B sci fi movie, you using automatic rocket launchers to battle giant insects and robots bigger than skyscrapers, also basically everything is destructible Cheap Jerseys china.

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